"Tim Williams is truly an expert in training kickers and punters. He teaches the specific techniques and fundamentals necessary to excel as a kicking specialist. Tim also is a master at motivating athletes to achieve at the highest level of competition."

COACH BILL CONLEY • Former Coach at The Ohio State University


"At every level of kicking, you always need to have a foundation to build upon. Whether I am kicking in practice or in a game, I use the skills and techniques that all started with Tim Williams. I was lucky to have met Tim when I was 14 years old. Not only does he have the experience of working with and coaching many accomplished kickers, he has many years of experience as a kicker himself. Having such a successful career as a Buckeye, Tim can take past experiences and apply them to kickers of all ages and talents. I admire the fact that Tim has seen the pressures and been in tight situations that many kickers face week after week. Tim Williams has the tools of what it takes to be successful. It's not all about change, he works with the style players have, and is efficient in getting the most out of everyone."

MIKE NUGENT • NFL • Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, The Ohio State University, Centerville High School


"I began working with Tim the summer before my junior season at Clemson. After a few trips to Ohio I went into the season with confidence in my ability and form that I had never experienced before. That season I went on to set numerous Clemson and ACC records as well as being named one of the three finalists for the Lou Groza Award. I credit all of this to Tim's coaching. I would recommend working with Tim to anyone who is serious about improving their skills as a kicker or punter. Tim breaks the kick and punt down like no one I have ever been around. There are a lot of guys out there who know how to kick, but few and far between are the ones truly great at teaching it. Tim is one of these guys. I promise you after just one session of working with Tim you will become a believer and will be coming back for many more. I firmly believe that I would not be where I am today as a kicker and would not have accomplished the things I did throughout my career without the guidance from Tim. The only regret I have is that I did not start working with him earlier."

JAD DEAN • NCAA • Clemson University - 2005 Lou Groza Award Finalist


"Tim Williams provides the best insight into the kicking game that one could ask for. The technical aspect that Tim brings to the table is amazing; his expertise in the kicking field is the best, and I can say that without Tim Williams' instruction and coaching that I would not be the kicker I am today."

KEVIN LOVELL • NFL • Atlanta Falcons, St. Louis Rams, The University of Cincinnati


"I was definitely impressed with Coach Tim's ability to explain and break down the technique in a way that was very easy to understand. Watching Tim go through the dry runs (Air Kicks), helped me visually take his verbal words and instantly apply his technique to my own style. I liked that he wasn't out to change everything about me, just fine tune what he thought could create inconsistencies in the outcome of my field goals and kick-offs. I think what I was most impressed with was Tim's passion, and his drive for coaching until perfection is accomplished. I firmly believe that hard work and preparing the right way, will be the key to your success. So if you’re looking for a coach, I promise that Tim Williams is the real deal. God Bless!"

NICK NOVAK • NFL • Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, The University Of Maryland


"I had heard of Tim Williams before as an excellent instructor but did not know much about him. I had always been an accurate kicker but I wanted to be better and after talking with Jad Dean, of Clemson University, I went up to Ohio to meet with Tim. The thing that impressed me the most about Tim's teaching ability was how easy he made everything. After only watching a few kicks he found some things I needed to work on and I immediately started kicking better than I ever had before. He is a big reason for the success that I had at Louisville. I have had a great relationship with Tim since I began working with him. He is always available to answer any questions that I may have and is very interested in not only how I am as a player, but also how I am as a person. Tim is an incredible asset to any kicker that wants to reach their goals."

ART CARMODY • The University Of Louisville, 2006 Lou Groza Award Winner


"Just like most college athletes will face some tough times, mine came during my Junior year on the Clemson Football team. I did not have a good year punting and was receiving a ton of pressure from the coaches throughout the entire season. I was dedicated to finish out my Senior year with a much improved performance. I had a decent spring practice, but still was not satisfied. My fellow teammate, Jad Dean, had talked to me about working with a guy up in Ohio named Tim Williams. Jad thought that Tim could really help me out, so I decided to take a trip up to Ohio and train with him for a few days. After working with Tim for just three days, I saw a variety of improvements in my form. Tim has tremendous knowledge when it comes to punting. But more importantly, he is an excellent teacher. He breaks down every aspect of the punt to help me understand exactly what I am doing wrong. Everything from the stance, catch, start, first step, plant step, drop and follow through. Because of his teaching, I am now able to correct my own mistakes by feeling exactly what I am doing wrong. I worked with Tim a total of three times that summer and every time I learned more from him. He completely fine-tuned my punting form in just two months before my first game. I went from averaging 36.5 yards a punt (net of 30 yards) my Junior year to averaging 41.15 yards and a net of 37.47 yards (19th in the nation) my Senior season.

COLE CHASON • Clemson University


"I would just like to thank Tim so much for all of the things he has done to make my kicking career as successful as it has been, and will be. He is one of those coaches who expects perfection out of his students. That is why all of his students are successful, not only in kicking, but in life as well. The hard work he has instilled in me will always be cherished. His lessons go beyond a lesson. I can call Tim anytime and ask any question and he will answer it clear as a glass bottle. I love how Tim will spend as much time necessary for each kicker. For the kickers reading this testimonial, Tim is simply the best coach you will find. He can explain and demonstrate what he is talking about, to perfection. Tim has a solution for all problems I have ever had with kicking. It could be about anything from technique to equipment and he has an answer. Tim is that coach that will work you until you are the best kicker you can be. Tim has something to teach to all kickers, no matter what age or skill level. He will help in any way needed. Tim Williams is simply the best coach and friend that an athlete can find. I will never be able to thank him enough for all of the wisdom and sore muscles he has given me. I'm excited to continue working and become the best kicker I can be."

CLAY SIMPKINS • Wauseon High School


"My son, Tyler, began working with Tim Williams shortly before his sophomore year in high school. Tyler had significant potential as a kicker but was very raw and inconsistent prior to meeting Tim. Over the next two years, Tim molded Tyler into a kicker who is mechanically sound and knowledgeable about the fundamentals of kicking. As a direct result of Tim's coaching, Tyler earned a full-ride to Bowling Green prior to the start of his senior season. There is NO better kicking coach in the country than Tim Williams. Parents can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars attending big name kicking camps but for my money, Tim is the wisest investment a person can make. Nowhere else will a kid get the expertise and detailed level of personal instruction that Tim provides with every lesson. My son's success in signing with BG clearly demonstrates that there is no better way to support a kicker in reaching his potential than working with Tim."

STEVE TATE • FATHER OF TYLER TATE, Bowling Green State University


"No matter what level of kicker you are in Tim Williams has the tools to help you succeed. I started working with Tim in 2006 and I can say I would not have had the career opportunities that I did, if it weren't for him. The approach he uses not only fits the kicker but works well with the skill set they have. Not only does he help you out in the fundamentals of the game but also on a mental standpoint. Tim efficiently utilizes all physical aspects you possess to make you the the best possible kicker. There is nothing cookie cutter about his coaching! Not only do I know Tim as a coach but also as a friend and he is someone who you can trust to give you all is effort and attention because he truly thrives off watching kickers progress and succeed."



"There is no doubt in my mind that my son owes his success at Centerville High School, The Ohio State University and the New York Jets to Tim Williams. We first met Tim at a kicking camp where he was working as an instructor. When the camp kickers divided into smaller groups, we lucked out and were assigned to Tim’s group. From that day forward, it has all been ‘down hill’. My son was just 14 and wanted to switch from soccer to football. Tim’s ability to quickly assess the kickers strengths and weaknesses, plus his ability to relate to kickers on a personal level only lead to success. We have gotten to know Tim, on a personal basis, and he is a fine young man that I would be proud for my son to emulate. Go BUCKS!"